Wednesday, April 15

Conversation with bff, who was also first great innocent love of my life. Name changed to bff to protect his identity :)

me: there's no such thing as normal sex
it just means you're doing it with boring people
that's just doing it for the heck of it
12:53 AM bff: i know
you DONT have normal sex
doesnt mean there is no normal sex
me: i don't?
12:54 AM bff: i mean, i dont think you will ever have normal sex
even with ugly boy
you are good sex person
like god of sex smiles when you have some
while i am having sex, god of sex is online on google reader becaue he knows i would rather be there


breathingmylife said...

ahahahahahaha. i <3 bff

Murphy said...

Totally :D

ishita said...

good to know :P