Monday, March 2

March '09

2009 is a tricky one, yeah? Did anyone notice how MARCH snuck up on us? I swear to god it feels like new year's eve was a couple of weeks back.
But the best part of this warp speed year is:
- my ma will be back in four tiny weeks! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :D
- I might get to see my brother sometime soon? yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :D
- my exams in May will be over before I know it (with studying happening miraculously on its own)
- my exams in July / August will be over before I know it
- my exams in November will be over before I know it
- my applications will be miraculously done
- I will be that much closer to completing my three years of being a corporate no-balls schmuck and on my way to vegetating and getting a tan and wearing slutty clothes only.

The suckfest bit of warp speed:
- I will be 23 :( :( :( What an ugly number, no? Twenty three. Tayees :(
- I might fail some more papers? :( :( :( :( :( :( :( No no. No no. No failing papers. Aging I can deal with. Failure, not so much. :( :( :(

As you can see 2009 promises to be a year of much cheer and joy.

Dudes. Come meet Murphy and make '09 a good year. And buy me Fabindia jewelery please :)