Saturday, March 25

You feel strange, don't you? Uncomfortable most of the time.
You like things others don't. Berries and honey, for instance. You like them alot.
You can pretend to be calm or happy or angry or in love, but basically people terrify you. You want to claw them in the face.
They have a million issues you're supposed to relate with, but you think Why not be simple ? Why not live in the woods ?
That is because you are a bear.

Tuesday, March 14

I'm bored. Which has translated into a much more personal profile photograph. Good luck identifying me with that. Plus a lot of people have misconceptions about whose blog this really is. Oh well.
It's been raining all day and Holi almost coinciding with the weekend has given me a bunch of holidays together. So yay !
Doing nothing is my favourite thing to do : )

Sunday, March 5

I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to feel bad about disappearing. I don't think I doto start with. That's my favourite bit about being me. I can leave as and when I feel like it without feeling bad about things and people. Dealing with it is not my issue.
I have a wrist that hurts, am very sleepy, lots of work that needs to be taken care of and not the slightest inclination to do much. Dark chocolate cures all. I spend ages listening to Eva Cassidy, wanting to marry her so that I can have her say stupid meaningless things to me about food and tedious sex in that voice. Buying chocolate cereal and staying up late for no reason. I want to sleep in next to Eva Cassidy.
For the record, when I tell people somebody is very nice it does not naturally translate into my liking that person. Nice people deserve wooden plaques to put up, commemorating their niceness. That's about it. It does not make them interesting.

Saturday, March 4

It's been a while. Copious amounts of really good, soulful, nourishing food have been consumed. Previously slender body parts will soon reach Ganesha proportions. Obviously the corpulence will be all worth it. It shall be a mark of prosperity.
Long story short, a good time has been had.