Sunday, December 31

I like:

Order in numbers



Tree huggers

Having the sun in my face in winters



Gummy candy

Turquoise Oshos


Traveling cheap

John Frusciante

Warm towels

Lizards & frogs

I dislike:

Waking up early

Being forced to do something

Spineless people who can’t stand on their own feet

Sentences with odd number of alphabets

Nothing interesting being on tv

Lack of caffeine + things to be done

People who’re neither interesting nor good looking

Clocks/watches with no numbers written

Leather furniture

Learning from experience

People with tattoos


Bad art

I loathe:

Scary traffic

Auto-rickshaw drivers

Most vegetables

Pointless poets (and yes, trust me, there is pointless poetry and no, the point isn’t always expression)

Pointless people

Crowded sidewalks

People who keep fish at home in tanks or birds in cages

Slanty/italicized fonts

Long nails

I love:


The children


Certain kinds of paper



Green things

Rough hands

Scars not tattoos

The physical map of India

Bottles of ink

Waking up only to realize that I can sleep for at least an hour more


Interesting stones

Tuesday, December 26

Internet, hello.
There's cold feet and Emily wants to leave blogspot. I think her idea is beginning to smell like effort. It's grey in the afternoons and the matarfry is in Bhopal. I feel like organizing photo albums or something. Fourty pencils have been bought and you need to see the colours. Pencils. Wow. Matarfry also did a beautiful Blood & Guts stencil for me. I need a new artfile. One solely devoted to pencil sketches. If we leave blogspot, we's not telling nobody. Though like I said, that reeks of work. So, yeah.

Monday, December 18

I miss doing nothing.