Thursday, November 13

Like a fat girl misses cake

I miss having time to myself, wallowing in boredom and the delicious pointlessness of idle hours.

Monday, November 3

Bright and shiny Murphy

Dear Internet.
What's up? I hope things are well and you're enjoying the brilliant Delhi weather. Not that I know for sure whether you're in Delhi, or can even feel things. And actually, I'm not too sure about the weather considering I haven't stepped out of my house in about 4 days! And I also have got a nasty bout of the flu, which could be because of the change in weather? Which I'm presuming is happening outside the walls of my home?
I've had something of a serious breakthrough. I'm not going to get into the details because I'm a private person like that. Highly unlikely to expose my grisly bits to the world. But this breakthrough I speak of, is me letting go of 6 years worth of a highly personal struggle with a stranger. And somehow my self perception got caught up in it and everything became highly personal. And yesterday, internet, yesterday it all came to a head and now I'm all peaceful and zen :) I always suspected but now I know and it makes me feel very yay! :)
I've also made up my mind to henceforth be all bright and shiny and happy (in a hopefully non nauseating way) and to not be as mean and dark and grumpy. It sounds like a fun plan but unfortunately also comes with mindnumbing levels of ADD. Which is a bit of a pain when YOU HAVE REALLY HARD EXAMS TO TAKE IN A WEEKS TIME. Things have reached critical mass and I seem unable to shake out of this ridiculous stupor I'm always in. Which is why I had to take a 90 minute break from not studying at all in the first place to tell you about my new-found peace and bright and shininess.
Okay, yeah. That's about it.
Take care internet :)