Saturday, December 15

Friday, December 7

My skin hasn't been this radiant in a very long time. Being away from the pollution and late nights and irregular meals (which anyway are mostly Diet Coke and Chimichangas/Fajitas) and alcohol that is synonymous with Gurgaon is obviously doing wonders for me. My cheeks are pink. Pink.
And obviously there isn't a soul I know around to bear witness to said pinkness.
I want wine. Some Sula Rose would hit the spot wonderfully.
The universe has sent me the most resounding validation I could ask for. It's enough to turn one religious. After my round of feeding my new posse I found it. The Nectar of nectars. Sustenance in the form of sweet liquid cocaine. My friend, confidante and not-so-secret lover. In the land of the parched, I have found Diet Coke.

The monkey with beverage shirt is yet to fail me :)
Reasons why I've enjoyed my day so far, even though I woke up at 11:30 and it's just 3:30 pm right now:
* My hair is finally long enough for me to just wind it up and stick a pencil in it. It legitimately stays up and everything!
* I was woken up in the awesomest way ever :)
* Everyone at work in Delhi seems to be feeling very guilty about my being ill and cooped up in West Bengal. So I'm getting indirect leverage to slack off.
* I'm wearing the monkey sipping a drink from a glass with a straw shirt. NOTHING goes wrong if I'm wearing this shirt. It's right up there with the red shirt with the silver monkey dressed as a ninja, which says NINJA.

I'm incoherent and I broke a plate today.

Wednesday, December 5


I have friends in calcutta! Nine neighbourhood canines - 4 puppies, 5 grown up, snarly, we mean business but will stop for eggs and pats on our heads doggies. Oh they're all the same. They all behave the same, they all remind me of other homiez I've had the pleasure of running into at different points of time in my life. They're all one gorgeous doggie. This makes the whole theory of the atman and the brahm make sense. Except it's not one universe, one consciousness. It's one let-me-rub-your-stomach-while-you-paw-at-my-hand-with-that-hedonistic-smile-on-your-face gorgeous puppy.
They walked me back to my guest-house with the most purposeful strides ever and then ran onwards. Off to make sure all those who need to be escorted are being taken care off and that no one's messing up their sand-piles. Probably to save the world.

Tuesday, December 4

I hate

feeling trapped
being indecisive
being forgotten
not being able to tell
most of all, being away from my babies.

Saturday, December 1

It's going to be a wonderfully slow day, finally. Since I moved into this place I'd been feeling very restless and walled in. I think I've finally begun to learn how to stare off into space and zone out comfortably enough. Since I landed in Calcutta I've only met scared or indifferent dogs. None of them would respond to whistling or calling. Last night, armed with greasy egg rolls I became firm friends with two beautiful ladies who were kind enough to let me rub their stomachs and vent some of my longing for my own babies. I hope they're fine and warm. And I hope they know I'm constantly sending them love.
Today is the day I lounge. I walked around Calcutta yesterday and I think I quite like the place. It's filthy and crowded and has the strangest traffic I've ever seen, but it's a friendly place. I've been working around the clock all week and it feels like it's passed by in an uneven sleep-clogged blur. I'm sitting by myself and I'm content. And slightly panicking about all the studying I need to get a move on NOW, but I'll ignore that for at least half of today. It's been a while since I've stopped to do nothing and opportunities like this are not to be passed on.
My brain is finally becoming pleasant goop. I can slowly feel it sliding down into the back of my head, slouching all the way. I'm torturing myself with delicious thoughts of holidays and bed-ins. I'm suddenly craving buttered toast. That's a childhood association with holidays.
I bought My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk yesterday while strolling about Calcutta. I read about thirty pages and passed out last night. A book! A new interesting book that has the potential and promise to occupy me all weekend long. I never imagined I'd need to get away from Delhi to be able to do this again. Ah shit. I need to study this weekend. Dang. I'll figure out a way to do both, of course.