Wednesday, December 5


I have friends in calcutta! Nine neighbourhood canines - 4 puppies, 5 grown up, snarly, we mean business but will stop for eggs and pats on our heads doggies. Oh they're all the same. They all behave the same, they all remind me of other homiez I've had the pleasure of running into at different points of time in my life. They're all one gorgeous doggie. This makes the whole theory of the atman and the brahm make sense. Except it's not one universe, one consciousness. It's one let-me-rub-your-stomach-while-you-paw-at-my-hand-with-that-hedonistic-smile-on-your-face gorgeous puppy.
They walked me back to my guest-house with the most purposeful strides ever and then ran onwards. Off to make sure all those who need to be escorted are being taken care off and that no one's messing up their sand-piles. Probably to save the world.

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