Sunday, April 22

The frequency with which one updates one's blog is inversely proportional to how thrilling their lives are at that point of time.

Thursday, April 19

I quite like waking up at 6 in the evening. Everyone else's days are slowly winding to a close and everyone is a lot more chilled out. It makes unsweet coffee easier. The sexmuffin link has been changed, it now goes to the sexmuffin's spiffy new site with the incredibly beautiful new album on it. It's quite perfect and moody :)
Even with the new upside down diurnal cycle and the mountain of work that needs to be finished and doesn't seem to be getting any smaller, I've been managing to spend a lot of time feeling insanely comfortable. It feels like doing nothing, even though I'm doing dastardly things such as the effects of the Stolypin reforms on Russian exports a million years later. I'm comfortable now, perfectly at ease and wiggling my toes. I have to study really soon but the thought doesn't bother me anymore. I think this is what nirvana from the student's cycle of examinations followed by yet more examinations must feel like. I suspect it's temporary and in a matter of days stress levels will cause me to choke on my own exasperation, but I shall enjoy it while it lasts.
The three incredibly incredibly tiny kittens have taken to running around the house at mad speeds and are rather fond of running behind anything that moves, only to stop with a startled expression and fall back down with an audible plop.

Saturday, April 14

Same time zones rock :)

Thursday, April 5

Magic by a Veteran

S's seen a leprechaun
E's touched a troll
L danced with witches once
C found some goblin's gold
D heard a mermaid sing
S spied an elf
But all the magic I have known,
I've made for myself.

Tuesday, April 3

Please to be full viewing new profile photo. Everyone should see it properly once.

Monday, April 2

Happy birthday baby. We love and miss you :)