Wednesday, November 29

Tuesday, November 28

Internet, darling. The universe is marvellous.
There are pink mufflers and matching woollen caps.
There are pretty sexmuffins running loose.
There's a new lighter case with beautiful hand crafted work done on it.
There's a very mellow sounding Rod Stewart singing at the moment.
Nick Cave is out there, sounding like Nick Cave. Doing regular stuff, asking for batteries, in his Nick Cave voice.
Momos are being made somewhere in the world.
Puppy is being puppylike.

What more could we want ?

Tuesday, November 21

Moving baby !

Ah shucks to being in love :P

Monday, November 20

Lately baby


I haven’t been studying at all. And I have a million exams coming up, one right after the other.

I have been sleeping especially well. Thank you, angel expectorant.

I haven’t been able to keep any food down after eight. What a horrible way to lose weight : /

I’ve acquired a few things that I’m very pleased with. Consumerism \m/

Being unable to use Nivea Soft anymore, for secret club reasons, I have tried on at least twenty different products. You’re wrong. The orange thing leaves me smelling like a fruit. Take your stinky stuff back!

I’ve read Elfriede so many times that the pages are getting worn out. Each sentence is like a personal attack, her words steeped in poisons. I wonder what it’s like to be able to think on such a broad scale. She makes me feel so fettered by relations.

I’ve been playing the Anthology version of Helter Skelter over and over. Do you, don’t you want me to love you, yo.

I’ve been so grateful for being in love. It helps that he’s totally delicious. You should try it some time. Being in love, that is.

I counted all my jewellery. Shocked : o

You haven’t updated asofterworld in ages. You guys are bums. And I think I see a sneaky theme in the photographs.

I’ve been thinking of names for children. We might be adopting some more. I want a beautiful name this time. I have a theory that the name affects the personality. What were we expecting with Fungus? A donkey of a cow? Bingo.

My hair has grown!

I feel tired really easily. I think it’s not physical, but more to do with the way things are. There’s going to be this period, this really tedious period, where things are going to remain in this painful tandem. I think I’ve been expecting or waiting for change for a while now. It’s tiring.

M’s grown big and beautiful : ) She sleeps on my lap all the time now. She looks so gorgeous that I want to bite her. If I wasn’t afraid of her slashing my face to tiny strips, I would.