Wednesday, August 17

Crossed my legs and worried about how she's taking the news. Even when it doesn't really matter nobody likes to hear of things like this. I can almost imagine the clenching and unclenching of the claws inside her.
I think I've become longer, I feel longer and I've grown darker. Atleast to a rosy brown. I wish it wouldn't fade as soon as it does. I've given up on theater for the year and I'm happy about it. I'm in the middle of the worst creative block when it comes to painting and have every intention of just stopping till I really feel the need to draw again. My burst of frenzied activity was rather fruitful. But I don't draw at all now, except stripes, and I'm happy inspite of it. I don't have time for most things anymore, but yay.
Rest my chin on my knees and listen to the music he plays. Somebody should gift me a copy of The Argumentative Indian. Please. Handfuls of olive coloured dust, on pandra august I did not fly a kite. I was incarcerated in my own room because of a mean motorist who I really don't like. Please drive carefully. And don't be mean.
Dragons are my favourite animals.