Sunday, July 31

It's been a while, the need to write wasn't felt at all. Conveniently, he makes my raspberry swirl. I'm content and in the pink of health and happiness. Always learn up poems by heart, let them become the flouride of your bones. My time passes in a haze of music and sleep. I'm drawing again, everyday. My graphite pencils are rapidly getting depleted. The evenings are softly purple and the nights prussian blue with hazy wisps of silver. We can stretch and spread out, waiting for what time chooses to bring.

Saturday, July 9

Birthday !

Yesterday JP bcame smarter, handsomer, cooler and a year older !
Happy belated birthday to the grey box with tendencies to bite : )

Wednesday, July 6

Night magic

It's magic, traditional magic. With magicians. You have to know how to reach up and pull beauty out of thin air. People want a little magic. Sex is its theater. There are sliding panels and trapdoors. The secret is a mgician doesn't buy magic. Admire the skill of a fellow magician but never fall under his spell.
I also read Germaine Greer's The Female Eunuch.