Wednesday, November 16

JP's a bum. I suppose this is as good an excuse as any other for me to post here, but the let the record show that he is indeed a bum.

10 years ago
Ten years ago I was 9. I don't really remember much. I was in the fourth grade at the time. I think. I was considerably shorter and chubbier. I'd just returned after a year in Buraimi. I sorely missed Quality Street. I think this was roughly the time when I had Ravi Shankar, my pet frog. My hair was messy and curly and I hated math. My one big dream was to meet Paul McCartney. Rubber Soul and the White Album rocked my world. I think it's unrealistic to expect me to remember more than this. My memory only throws back random things like listening to The Beatles one afternoon when I was supposed to be drawing the digestive system. Being the only girl in our entire class who picked out lilies when there was a mad rush for roses (for some art thing ?) and calling them chumps. The pleasure Gems and instant noodles gave me. Being such a renegade and refusing to wear leather shoes. Hero worshipping my brother, which I still do. Ice cream sodas in the winters, clutching them with gloved hands. Pretty much just being a badass 9 year old.

5 years ago
Fourteen. I was Very Tall for my age. I've been living in the same house all my life. I think that was the year I painted my room for the first time. Shagun and I did a huge night time landscape (attempted night time landscape) and painted Here Today all over it. Pearl Jam felt like home. I learnt my biggest secret about myself. I had the most beautiful set of friends. Arjun died that year. I remember spending a day in this random sunny spot with this little puppy, the most enthusiastic, fattest puppy I've ever seen. I have no idea where she came from and she trotted off very nonchalantly when I got up to leave. I remember being completely at ease, with everything. I was reading Kundera for the first time and falling in love. I loathed math. I was so sure I'd do badly in school. Hah. Soundgarden : )

Last year
Last year was a bitch. I'd taken up economics and didn't care much for it. I was having a very good time though. Freedom was brilliant. Exactly what I needed and all. I lost two friends last year. This time last year I was about to have another set of exams which did not go well. A lot of seemingly random friends were very important to me. I had my first Gudang Garam which I loathed. I met Mayi last year. I painted almost all throughout. I acquired a lot of silver. Most importantly last year I met my child, Monster. She was this abandoned kitten who saw her sibling die and sat on a cardboad box and mewled this very tragic mewl. She moved right in and just took over. Everything. She owns this house and all who live in it. She's sullen all the time and wants food all the time. This is exactly why everybody loves her this much.

Yesterday was odd. On our way to a concert this black dog followed our auto for four kilometres in heavy traffic. N and I were petrified he'd get hit by a bus or something but he just kept running alongside. And during the traffic jam we could see him walking down the road, peering into cars, looking for us. I know how daft this sounds but it's true yo. And the concert was dull beyond words. On the way back, our car broke down. Tara and I were sitting in the middle of nowhere with nothing around. Mechanics we're not. So while we sat there and waited, the only people who stopped to see what was up were the ones who chose to pick on us. Much fun. Spent the whole night talking to the beaufriend.

5 yummy things
Dark chocolate
Viennese coffee ice cream
This certain mince pie that N's mother makes which I can't eat anymore having turned vegetarian. I miss it : (

5 songs I know by heart
Almost everything by The Beatles. I *love* them all. I love how beautiful Billy Preston sounds on Don't let me down, I love how simple Something is, I love how happy Rain makes me, I love the helpless sigh on Girl, I *love* And your bird can sing. Yeah I'll shut up now.
Up here in my tree by Pearl Jam
Ground Control by Bowie
Suicide is painless by Nick Drake
Love to love by UFO

5 things I'd do if I had a lot of money
Adopt all the stray animals
Do something about horses and donkeys being exploited
Buy an island with a hill and a beach
Have the luxury of travelling indefinitely
Buy me Ireland

5 places I escape to
The Hub which is this park N and I go to to smoke which is full of cows and dogs who look like turds and labourers napping.
My room
The National Gallery of Modern Art

5 things I'd never wear
Dunno. I don't really have much of an opinion on clothes.

5 favourite TV shows
Yay TV !
The Simpsons
South Park
Used to like That 70's show but that got old after a while
Desperate housewives maybe ? Will and Grace ? I don't know. I watch a lot of TV.

5 things I enjoy doing
Spending time with the animal log

Favourite toys
Um .. I have this huge green frog which I've always loved dearly. But M's taken it and pretends it's hers. The only other toy I have is my I need candy witch. Um .. yeah.

The JP tagged me. Since my mood's sadistic enough, I tag Shruthi and .
I don't have more friends : |