Monday, March 2

March '09

2009 is a tricky one, yeah? Did anyone notice how MARCH snuck up on us? I swear to god it feels like new year's eve was a couple of weeks back.
But the best part of this warp speed year is:
- my ma will be back in four tiny weeks! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :D
- I might get to see my brother sometime soon? yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! :D
- my exams in May will be over before I know it (with studying happening miraculously on its own)
- my exams in July / August will be over before I know it
- my exams in November will be over before I know it
- my applications will be miraculously done
- I will be that much closer to completing my three years of being a corporate no-balls schmuck and on my way to vegetating and getting a tan and wearing slutty clothes only.

The suckfest bit of warp speed:
- I will be 23 :( :( :( What an ugly number, no? Twenty three. Tayees :(
- I might fail some more papers? :( :( :( :( :( :( :( No no. No no. No failing papers. Aging I can deal with. Failure, not so much. :( :( :(

As you can see 2009 promises to be a year of much cheer and joy.

Dudes. Come meet Murphy and make '09 a good year. And buy me Fabindia jewelery please :)


breathingmylife said...

applications kahan? why is everyone making stuff of their life? achcha write me a letter please.

Murphy said...

B-school applications. Don't know if I'll end up applying this year now. Yes, Cactus J. Please send me the photos of us at that coffee shop near the liquor store. Where we waited for hours because we didn't know what alcohol to buy.