Wednesday, April 1

We can call this the meh point

* I'm finally escaping Delhi for non-work related reasons. I have books and smokes and my hip-flask ready. Now if only my list of traveling companions and the consequent living arrangements would stop being so flexible.

* I am not studying but I'm also not working (despite bastardly attempts at guilting me into coming in to work DURING my study leave). This is a perverse yet comfortable equilibrium. For now.

* I am free of all domestic responsibilities again and I think it's worth giving up the solitude. My home was beginning to look a little broken down and loose on the edges. The fridge was full of half empty thai food containers and food for the felines. Now things are clean and the house looks miraculously cozy and there is real khaana and I don't have to wake up at 6 to have the fucking place cleaned. There are no more random late night visits which end at dawn with severe fuckwittage and hangovers and no more drinking black label in my ma's crystal. It's even worth not being able to smoke in bed anymore.

* I have two new babies :) I need suggestions for names. Their eyes have finally opened yesterday and their mum is still purring :) 10 points for desi names. 10 for names in pairs (e.g. peanut and butter (lame, yes yes I know) or glasnost and perestroika). 15 points for desi names in pairs (e.g. lassan and adrak (already done) or insaaf and tarazu)

* I have reached the most comfortable point in the normal trajectory of the cyclical moods, i.e. complete and abject apathy. Bitches with their moods and feelings and stories have shoved me into this brilliant dark corner from where hopefully I will never emerge. My very bald, bi, male best friend is my new hero and I aspire to be as much of an unfeeling bastard as him :)

I'd love to stay and babble some more but I need to go get waxed now.
Peace, internet.

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