Thursday, April 16

4:34 AM

It's 4:34 AM and I can't sleep. I like 4 AM, it comes with very low expectations from the world. My phone's not ringing, there are no texts, there are no e-mails, there are no IMs, there are no dratted facebook notifications, no one awake at home, no one talking to me, no one I can talk to in return.
4 AM, my life used to be like this. It was like you and I were a couple, and we went everywhere together. We were the exasperating ones that went out with people and then only spoke to each other, we went to parties and sat in corners drinking our liquour. 4 AM, I've missed you and kind of got over you. So despite my policy of not letting familiarity get the best of an old lover and me, till 6 AM rolls around and I finally give in to Morpheus, it's just you and me.

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