Tuesday, February 21

Drain water Murphy

Just as I’ve repeated to the point of tedium, my week has already reached the halfway mark despite my insistence that it started a mere couple of hours ago. I don’t know if this means I’m blessed or completely wretched. Yesterday was an evening of the sads. I returned to find my bathtub had two inches of water which wouldn’t go down the drain. Obviously I noticed this after the maintenance people had already been to my apartment to open up the fresh air duct, so a fresh service request will have to be made. Can I pour a bottle of draino into standing water and expect it to work?

The other, much more significant, event was the realization that my macbook pro’s warranty period expired on the 4th and foolishly, unbelievably, mind-numbingly stupidly sat on my ass for the whole year and did not extend my warranty period. For some ridiculous reason you can’t get the same done once your warranty’s expired. I’d understand if they charged you an amount for the amount of time that’s lapsed since it expired. But Apple’s insane fascist rules are apparently set in stone. Not that I won’t try and test them this weekend, when I go down to the service center and try and plead my case. There have to be some humans hiding behind the shiny gates of this particular Mt. Doom.

I hate that I’m not on top of my shit yet. This sort of thing would never happen to my mother, who is the most vigilant / responsible person on the planet. Who I aspire to be, despite of my obvious design limitations. Sitting in India. she reminded me my health insurance at work was about to run out in a month’s time. I clearly should have just told her to look out for my computer’s warranty as well :/

What’s up, you guys? What’s new? I need to make new playlists on my ipod. So as to not have to spend time at work making an on the go playlist that only has Leonard Cohen and then changing it up to a playlist with uptempo dancy songs that put me in a shallow, happy mood. ‘Quiet reflection on Leonard’s words’ and ‘Shallow happy dancy’ and ‘Bon jovi / REO Speed wagon / nostalgia’. The last is clearly mislabeled as nostalgia for me would be Pearl Jam and Def Leppard and Megadeth and a little bit of Whitesnake and lots and lots of Beatles.

I hate the word vomit. I really do.

More frustratingly so I hate the restrictions imposed by words. At first, when you are small, things like the sky, light, and trees are so wide, so liquid, so limitless, so new to you, so directly experienced, and then you learn the words sky or light or tree and click, just like that, the liquid is curdled and the word is forever what you know and there's a brand-new box around what you see. And then the box gets filled up with associations, and the thing becomes the word the way the memory becomes the photograph. Perhaps that explains my resistance to putting in words the nameless, shapeless confusion floating around inside me. Perhaps I’m making things worse by trying to quantify, trying to state in empirical terms what the problem is. Perhaps there is no problem.

The weather is playing games with all of us. The sun is out and it’s bright and sunny, but there’s a cold wind blowing and everyone’s suddenly wearing sweaters. I’m going to go get some coffee and feed the birds biscotti. It’s fantastic, they all fly down and chirp and chirp. And there are some incredibly beautiful birds here in Dubai. Things to do, people to see :)

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