Sunday, May 16

10 days

Hard times have fallen upon us, internet. However, luckily, the Murph's mental state is currently something like this:

Exams in 10 days, padhai's going fine, usual last week stress / happiness has descended upon me. This is the only time I can study like I used to and I enjoy it. The preceding weeks are of course all terrible, with shameless chilling out and niggling guilt at the back of my mind. Now I'm in the home stretch, where I can study because I'm kind of panicking and because it's fun and I've missed it and I'll be back at work soon. If only I could stop sleeping 9 hours daily I'd really be sorted.
I'm not even supposed to be blogging, this post is an excuse for a break. Half constructed sentences etc. Okay, back to joint ventures and associates.


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