Friday, March 19

"If I don't stop shopping, I'll end up a bag lady; a Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady"

So I've been trying to be zen and frugal (especially frugal) and I accidentally took stock today. I hate taking stock. Stock taking is for suckers and idiots. Stock taking blows.
As you can surmise, I need help. Not with the zen, that I have under control. In fact my abundance of zen is allowing me to be all calm about my frugality and is telling my brain, in calm soothing tones that sound kind of like Keith Richards for some reason, that I can handle this frugalness situation. Internet, in my defense I'd like to point out that when I was in college sometimes Bunny and I'd wait half an hour to take bus home instead of taking an auto, even though the freaking bus was just 5 bucks cheaper. And plus we had to travel only 3 kms and sometimes walked it if we were bored, but my point is that it's possible.
And for starters I'm going to stop taking bullshit limits from people who think 25k is a reasonable limit for a day of shopping. Geez. So next time when you see me, internet, I'll be glowing with serenity and zen and I'll be wearing something you've seen me in before at least thrice.
And I'm not even smoking.

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