Monday, December 14

Kameene paet ki majboori

You! Internet!

It's 12:09 AM. I'm going back to work tomorrow after two whole months (not counting two Fridays and half of one Saturday). I have a super hostile and aggressive work environment waiting for me, with countless emergencies that I can't seem to get worked up about anymore. I have to work on a really tedious report right now before going to sleep, where the real challenge is bringing myself to open the bleeding file. I have to make sure I have clothes I can wear to work. To ease the trauma of going back to work I bought this bag in black:

So I have to transfer all my stuff in it. I have to wake up tomorrow at 7:15 AM. I normally need my eight hours of sleep but let's not get into that right now. I have to wake up and hopefully remember to wake a very old man up. I have to call my driver and remind him that he needs to come get me. I have to go to work and somehow live through the day of 'dude you were chilling for two months, so now let's be extra inhuman to you' in the fantastic passive aggressive way only very short men, recently promoted to vague positions of authority can pull off, who incidentally pout like fucking six year old girls if they realise you're not in awe of their tiny penis induced aggressive and offensive and chauvinistic brand of machismo. And I have to sit through a 10 - 12 hour long work day surrounded by inept children and ineffective managers (who will only pout and try and look important) and work on some godawful project that's drowning and assume responsibility for not letting it drown. And then I will come home and brace myself for an endless cycle of days like this till god knows how long.
Good thing I'm happy irrespective right now.

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Swaaaaamers ! said...

Totally feeling the love for your work ! - Fellow berozgaar "3" member