Monday, December 7

Internet. Hello.
I can't do this anymore. Any of it. I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing in the first place anyway, and I'm in no mood to sound whiny today.
Can I please be done now?
I'm home on a Monday afternoon, I just watched the last episode of the new season of Gossip Girl ( :P ), I have two kittens sleeping on me, with my sweater buttoned over them, causing intense heating. Bambi's sleeping on the back thingy of the couch, so he's right next to my cheek. I'm not at work, I have no responsibilities today, having meticulously cleared my schedule of all things gruesome. So I'm sorted, right?
I've upset so many people. Caused palpable grief and sadness. I'm not really sure how or why. I think life would be simpler if I just stuck to things I know like hanging out with cats, cleaning feline feces, working hard at a job that means nothing to me. That sort of thing.
I'm getting new headphones! My sister's getting them for me when she returns from vilait and they're WHITE. The wire of my last pair that I really liked was chewed through by certain constantly-pooing, running all over me when I'm trying to sleep, bright-eyed motherfuckers and the replacement pair I'm using aren't that great. I've been spoiled and I can't go back to fuckall headphones.
Muggins is getting old :( For the first time in her life she's started pooing in the house. She sleeps a lot more, alternates between randomly psychotically grumpy and violent and completely mellow and chilled out, harmless old biddy-ness. And she's puked twice in the past week itself. Maybe it's because of the cold? Either way, my baby girl, the light of my life, is becoming old.
This stupid blog post is being highly counter productive and depressing me even more. Universe, if you're listening, I could really use a complete change in my life right about now. A nice one, please. Clean slate and all that. I don't want to find out there's no escape.
Yeah, I think that's all.

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