Saturday, November 20

That was yesterday’s post, which did not happen. The bus ride wasn’t the least bit tiresome. This scruffy looking chap with a dholak got on the same bus and insisted on singing to me. He kind of knelt down in the aisle next to my seat facing me and sang me two songs. The first one I didn’t get at all even though it was in hindi. The second was a bhajan. That I could tell from the om namah shivays. Then right before my bus stop he got up, did this theatrical bow and with a cheery wave was off. So that needless to say totally made my day. The session was fun. Weird though it may sound but chairing UN assemblies is second nature to me. Muggins can almost climb to the top of the tallest tree in the park outside. She just ate this beautiful silvery rather large moth. Vicious little thing. Feeling tired but happy. Dad’s leaving for Kenya tomorrow. Also have to go to IHC for Ecoforum. That’s this Delhi university economics societies get together to form one big economics society thing. Each college’s sending two representatives for the Working Committee and the president of each ecosoc within the college gets to be member of the core committee. So Bunny and I’ve been chosen to represent daaarling LSR in the WC. Woo fucking hoo. Should be fun though. The concept behind is to get real bigwigs in the field of economics (we’re talking Amartya Sen, Mukesh Ambani types) to come and speak because there’s no way they’d come to an individual college. And that is what the Ecoforum does.

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