Saturday, November 20

Muggins attracts way too many children. Filthy little vermin. It’s not like she enjoys them either, for they don't really want to play with her. They want to "hold her" or pat her head with their palm pressed down a little too firmly on her head or throw the bottle near her to watch her play football (yeah, she does that really well). Nasty cloying little things. And one of them started calling her Princes Pussy today (ha ha V). They’re all "Didi use bulao na."
Though her father turns up very often. And she runs after him like crazy while he just looks at her and ignores her. It’s horribly heartbreaking. Did I tell you her parents abandoned her? Her and this other sibling of hers (who fell into the hands of some filthy scummy children and died as a consequence) while the mother kept this one kitten (what is she supercat or something to have made the cut?).
All kids and most other animals are being treated with revulsion and paranoia respectively. I find it crazy often but we have this ritual which makes everything hunky dory. Everyday she sits on my lap for 1-2 hours when she’s tired her tiny self out being a crazy kitten before going to sleep. I talk to her and tell her all sorts of nonsense (most of it’s true) and then ma comes and sings her a lori. By the end of the whole production she can barely keep her eyes open.
It’s so great having this chance at unconditional love. Simpler. Though ma said something about me needing to know grief related to having a pet. *Blocks pointless stupid thought*
Quite sleepy. First mock session tomorrow. Translates into lot of tiresome travelling in buses. Still not quite over statistics fiasco. Must pray to god to not let brain die. Must find wholesome beautiful girl to settle down with. Matrimonial in order?

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