Thursday, November 18


Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye (might have got that rong) -Only that is knowledge that sets you free.
(Get it ? Anuva ? Knowledge ?)

Red squidges against the backdrop of tightly clenched eyes. "I'm staying in character with blue crush on my eyelids." Seperate rooms for seperate armies. She lost hers to dance. Must get knife, crossbow or gun.
Log of a vicious bored sadistic restless college student, how fucked up is this ? Saw her give her sanctity, sanity and self on a silver platter to a person so cruel that you feel so bad for her and your helplessness. All rockets need launchpads. You'll just have to be mine. Vaccilating b/w viciousness & vulnerability. Such is life. And if you leave me I'm a Goddess.
Keep it coming.

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