Thursday, March 17

Lucky lucky

I'm going to have to do a runner from the country any day now. I need to still buy a large suitcase and put all my things in it, I need to buy stockings, I need to buy a tiny pressure cooker (because I'm told it can do ANYTHING), I need to pack another suitcase full of things which will follow me later. It's 1:45 AM and as I'm typing this I can hear a crazy bird twittering away. The only rational explanation would be that its woken up from a nightmare. Aw, tiny bird nightmares. Forgive me universe, for unfairly tilting the scale in the favour of my cats and for providing tiny birds with unnecessary stress. I've thought about it a lot and in case I genuinely am fucking up the ecological hierarchy and balance of my neighbourhood by giving the predators with the vicious claws an unnatural advantage, then it should be added to my karm tally. I'm sorry for your tiny bird nightmares, little bird :(

See? I don't update for so long and I still don't lose the art of the classic Murphy incoherent digression. Like I was saying, I'm getting on a jet plane some time soon. My work wardrobe now consists of only white, black and grey. And navy blue for when I'm feeling particularly rock n roll. I'd love to tell you how I feel about this move, but to be honest I haven't thought about it so far and I really don't intend to start any time soon. Maybe on the plane. I'm doing practically nothing nowadays except just *being at home* and hanging out with my family and babies. I feel completely happy and content and rested. I feel immense gratitude for the life my family has had so far and for the kind of life I've been lucky enough to live. When I get completely blitzed, or blitzed as poland as I fortunately was today, I get to think in peace (and I think of everything. it's my favourite thinking) and today I thought about everyone I have loved and how different they all are. I'm not going to go completely gay on you, internet, but I wish you could have seen them. I wish you could see how the violence between us seems like the most tender act of love.

I should really stop here, before you barf all over my blog. Fine. Just saying is all.

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