Tuesday, March 29

Faux mallu Murphy

Apparently you do.
Murphy's moved. And living in a very strange city. I figured it was worth a shot to see if I could update my blog from work (think of all the countless hours of pretending to type something official and productive! think of all the post lunch drowsiness abated!) and voila. Et moi. Mostly, I got sick of looking up apartments online. I hate not having any idea about where all these places are and what's a good deal and what's not and whether paying more for a furnished place makes more sense or getting a place cheaper and getting furniture. I got sick of looking at numbers which don't mean anything because I can't multiply by 12 in my head. So I was being very dutiful and looking and looking and nodding at certain offers and bookmarking some. But I have no fucking clue what I'm doing.

This city is very strange. I'm not going to get into the ways and means of its strangeness because that would be very boring. I will however say that I think its making me see through materialism, for the first time in my extremely vapid life. I can't multiply and divide by 12 but I can't help but divide by 4, the cost of one packet of glucose biscuits, subsistence for one doggie for one whole day. And the cumulative worth of the handbags in my team of 4 alone could feed a dog for 123 years. Years, internet. Maybe I just really miss my babies.

Things are a little disorienting, internet. I miss my family and my babies and my very old man. But I'm also strangely happy. If only a furnished, one bedroom, close to my place of work, has a gym + pool, has kitchen appliances, isn't more than 50k dhirams apartment could magically fall into my lap I'd be completely happy.
Well, not completely, but close.

PS: also, if subway could have more than two vegetarian sandwiches that would be swell.

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