Saturday, September 25

Babies. Saturday night and I'm home instead of being in Noida, partying, wearing something shiny. Not only am I home, I'm also:

- sleepy at 11:30
- catering to insane Bink who insists on going all cape fear on me every night because of her debilitating addiction to cheese and preferential treatment
- allowing whiny Tenzing to harsh my mellow
- too lazy to get up and shut my window from where both the awesome cold breeze and dengue causing mosquitoes are wafting in.

Last few weeks have also been similarly super glamorous, so I haven't really been updating my blog. So I'm just going to hit the ground running and pretend we're all BFFs and you don't need updates <3 The CWG have resulted in a temporary change in work timings. I'm getting up at 0615 every morning and I don't have the energy to be scintillating (or coherent) any more at 2345 on a Saturday. The games have made a respectable woman out of me, early to bed and early to rise, no time for mooning about at night, spend most of the day in sleepy haze so no time left to actually think of things. And since this paragraph is also beginning to hurt my head as its become too long-winded and unwieldy for me to focus on, here's some bullet points for you:

- my boobs can tell the time. They know when it's post 10 PM and they'll be damned if they'll be forced to stay in a bra.
- I have a new system of dealing with unpleasant situations and requests. When asked to do things like clean the cats' milk bowls (yuck) all I have to do is lie down on the floor and stay there. It's called civil disobedience and it's a respected form of expression of political dissent. Thanks Bapu. Now only have to try it at work, will lie down in front of printers when asked to do stupid things that are disrespectful to my intellectual heft. Will be dragged away in dignified manner.
- women really handle break-up type situations very poorly. Ladies, I'm ashamed to be associated with this sociopathic obsessiveness and tendency towards hysteria. It's just a dude, behave yourselves. (and just like that earn title of World's Worst Friend and Surprisingly Misogynistic Uterus-bearer)
- I love my cats. They drive me insane but my day would be notably poorer without all the baby talk and obsessive following them around that ensues. My cats rule.
- September is sort of lingering no? For fuck's sake, get a move on already.
- New seasons of everything are out! Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM and Glee! And soon 30 Rock. And the Mad Men season is still going on. Got lots of buffering done this week.
- I need to study. It's that time of the year again. AGAIN.



reeferjournal said...

:) :*

Wendy said...

I am thoroughly enjoying peeking into your life via your incredibly candid blog. Your writings/musings are entertaining and based in reality.
I am a nearing 50 (jeez, when on earth did that happen?!) woman on Vancouver Island, BC Canada. Such a vast difference between our physical and chronological existance, and yet I feel a kindredness. Strange? Quite possibly, but just wanted you to know you have touched me.

duende said...

"incredibly candid" indeed. how many cats are we talking about? and will you be catching any of the games? i nearly wept when i heard Bolt wouldn't come. until that point i was willing to spend a lot of money and time to get to delhi and watch one man run for a little over nine seconds. sigh.

G said...

I love "my boobs can tell the time".... :-)