Sunday, December 20

So I've discovered that I'd completely forgotten that there are people from work reading this blog. Therefore, I think it will be wiser to abstain from commenting on those hard-working souls who have given me so many opportunities to learn and who remain a constant source of inspiration to me even after three years since the day I was first in awe of their sheer awesomeness and professionalism. (Also Swaamers, please meet me before you leave.)
The highlight of my day over the past three days:
Day 1 - Opening a new tub of Bodyshop's papaya lip butter which I'd been putting off forever because I thought it would be super gross. Turns out the papaya is fantastic. I can't find my already open shea lip butter though [ I hate losing my stuff :( ], so I took out a new satsuma one also.
Day 2 - A sardarji walked past me at the Airtel President's Office talking on the phone, who I heard saying 'arre yaar, aaj maine mails checks nahi ki' (for those who don't understand hindi, skip this one altogether, it's pretty much going to be lost in translation)
Day 3 - Dinner and midnight walk with a bunch of people whose company is simply perfect. We're somehow always the table that everyone's constantly staring at.

Dear Santa,
All I want for christmas is:
- a warm neck I can stick my hands down after returning home from a 40 minute auto ride at 8:30 PM
- self washing hair
- peace, love and happiness

But what if it kills me? :(

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