Friday, October 30

Murphy wallows in her own uselessness

Internet, aren't these the prettiest eyes ever?

Maybe not ever but I spent most of my childhood thinking they were. But then I also thought 'no more I love yous' on the album sounded like madness so what did I know? And this album has don't let it bring you down on it as well, which is another one of my childhood favourites. I really didn't intend to keep talking about Annie Lennox or this album. But why not? She's awesome and super hot. But no, I had a point and it wasn't Annie Lennox. I am being a completely shameless bum nowadays, and I'm not saying that in the gleeful way most people do when they admit to being shameless. This is the ashamed strain of shameless. I'm not studying, I'm not doing anything. I was invited to a halloween costume party and I considered going as a communist because my hair looks like it could belong to one! I'm super easily distracted, my mind is all over the place, I'm so unfuckingbelievingly whiny that I swear to god one of these days I'm going to whack me right in the face. And I've forgotten what I wanted to say also :(
Yes. I think my point was, that I have come to the conclusion that I am the world's worst bumming-around-er. No one in the world can possibly have lesser fun than I do while slacking. Which means I need to go give this being relevant thing another shot.
Later internet.

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