Wednesday, July 8

Drought struck :|

It's the easiest way to spot a blog from Delhi, and I really really tried to not succumb to the banality of talking about the weather, but fucking hell, it's SO HOT :(
I've never been big on air conditioning and in fact have all my life refused to have one put in my room. So now, just when I return from a place where I was wearing a bleeding jacket during the day, north India decides to go and declare an official drought and I'm stuck sleeping in the only room without air conditioning. (Which honestly, I infinitely prefer still but I'm posting this right after getting home so I don't feel the need to be fair)
My face is flushed and red like I've been running. I'm covered all over in this mist and I can acutely feel my shirt sticking to the small of my back. Delhi, I know we pride ourselves on being hardcore and either roasting in our own skins or freezing our tits off, but please, consider being pleasant and vaguely moderate? For once? Or can we just freeze our tits off all year round?

Murphy's idiot-proof guide to surviving a summer in Delhi:
- Multiple cold showers
- Wearing only white linen
- Dating cute boy with a pool in his backyard
- Mojitos
- Drinking about ten liters of cold water
- Quitting smoking
- Hanging out with cats who seem to hate the heat more than you and feeling better about being smooth-skinned
- Having a job where you end up spending 80% of your day in some office where you really can't tell whether it's snowing / raining / swelteringly hot outside
- Panna shots
- Terrace parties that start at eleven pm
- Minty Monsta Sundae at Big Chill
- Lemon bars, the green 5 rupee popsicle
- Absolutely no physical contact with another human

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breathingmylife said...

panna shots! hahaha well i remember that so well...!
sugar + excitement = more heat