Tuesday, April 21

Where Murphy leaves herself out there to be judged

This is very out of character for this blog. I haven't really elaborated on my love for any celebrities here. It hasn't been intentional, but it just hasn't happened. It's probably unfair to them, those truly fantastically pretty, all very do-able men, who somehow manage to make my world-view significantly less bitter and crotchety.
(Though I feel fabulous nowadays, more on that some other time)
(except for my debilitating fear of failing all my exams, which is probably shortly going to become my reality)

One of them, my beloved Rupert Everett has made me want to cry. Look at this fuckery.

THAT'S HIM ON THE RIGHT. What has he DONE to that gorgeous face! So with a heavy heart I'm crossing him off my men I hope to fuck before I die (MIHTFBID) list :(

To cheer myself up I think I'm going to share some of that list with you, internet. It helps.

Okay, I'm going to stop. But I feel much better now. Please spare me the necrophilia / old man jibes.

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The Comedian said...

Sooo pink...

and Depp and Burton are coupling up again... the latter reprises his role as always, the former is the MAD HATTER \,,/.