Tuesday, October 21

I tend to blow off steam here a little too often. Really, I'm not a millionth as angsty as my last post made me seem. Internet, that was just some old fashioned pissedoffedness with no other outlet.
In happy news, I'm home! :) I'm freaking out over my exams. Which I'm taking with all these CA types who've always wanted to be an accountant of some sort. I know that I'm also doing this voluntarily but it really was sort of incidental. I wanted to keep studying and it's a difficult qualification which only the cool kids can manage. So essentially my reasons are:
a) it's difficult and finishing it will make my awesomeness renowned
b) it's some sort of academic thing that will not let me completely become a working drone
The fact that the actual content means very little to me doesn't seem to factor in. I see a rather gaping hole in my awesomeness.
But, the good bit about studying again is that I get to take a much needed break from work. And stay at home, hang out with my babies and take care of the one that needs taking care of. Being at home on a Tuesday afternoon (oh man. That's 3 days worth of studying wasted :|) feels healthy :)
I'm slightly incoherent and all over the place at the moment. I think I haven't got used to thinking and functioning at a regular speed yet.
I need to study. Take care, internet :)

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