Sunday, August 26

I would like to pretend that work is all consuming and that it eats into my me-time. Which it does to an extent. But my world is shifting, my rock is leaving. The shift is irrevocable in nature. I'm not sure how to react. I'm going to be devastated, I'm going to miss him. It's like losing your collective memories of eating Gems. Which makes no sense to you, but I guess I can't explain.
My entire family, it's like we're holding in our breath, bracing for the punch. We're not sure what it will be like, we're happy and optimistic and we're proud. Everything is bittersweet :)
I wish to lay my soul bare. Suggestions will be appreciated. I'm grateful yo :)

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Blackstratblues said...

Here are my Humble Suggestions

1. make the most of the time left
2. whine a lot. it helps.
3. eat gems. it helps too.
4. buy webcam and mic (giggle)
5. start thinking about holidays and when he'll be back again
6. make the most of the time left : )