Saturday, July 29

I really ought to wake up earlier on holidays. The mornings are surprsingly beautiful. My late nights are usually inevitable though. But last night I didn't really have a say in it. I remember playing with the cat and the next thing I knew I was fast asleep and so was she. I haven't had a *good* night's rest in so long.
The mornings are wonderful. Sleepy cats and blue skies. Joni Mitchell's voice is clear and bloodied. I have a lot of work to do but I had to take this moment to revel in nothing. I like the way things are. Alot. Some more free time would be nice but I'm happy. I feel bad for people with nothing to do. It sounds contradictory. It isn't. Nothingness, wonderful though it feels for short periods is eventually empty.
There are a million outside who need to be saved. Internet, what will we do about them ?

My morning will turn into early afternoon at some point. I must go make the most of it, while I can. Internet, last night was flecked with the brightest stars. I wish you could have seen it.


Anonymous said...

i love your blog. you write beautifully. makes me want to be able to feel you.
one of the best i've read.

. said...

I miss you.