Tuesday, October 11

Somehow I'm very preoccupied with food right now. I'm always hungry : /
Which I think is a sign that winter is coming, so I can be blissfully happy and can ignore everything around me once again. Delhi winters are fickle and fleeting. But the city is beautiful that time of the year. Come visit me then if you feel like it. You're bound to find me happier than at most times, ceteris paribus obviously. Lying to poets brings you a lifetime of bad luck according to The Ogre. I ate momos today. And I want Nerd Ropes ! Chocolate tastes better in colour. If you don't know where it says that I don't want to know you. Riff raff.
My holidays will end in exactly a week's time. It's only been a week, but I've had the best time these last few days. I also read Graham Greene's The End of the Affair which is a thoroughly depressing book. When my friends died they took little pieces of me with them (sounds wonderfully gross doesn't it?) so I don't really like to read such a literal and, what seemed to me, such an accurate account of the aftermath. But it's a well written book and all. Come visit me sometime. I'll buy you momos and something sickeningly sweet.
My winters aren't grey. They're olive and a burnt blue. Crimson if you're lucky.

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