Friday, June 24

According to the celtic tree months if I were to have a wand it'd be made of willow.
I'm reading Lying about Hitler by Richard Evans who was an expert witness at the David Irving trial. I've never heard about revisionism before. There are these people who try to deny the whole holocaust. They say it never happened. They are using these archives to make it sound like the number of people the Nazis killed were just as many as those killed by the Allies, that the concentration camps and the everything that we associate with the holocaust was a product of the war. It didn't precede it, it was a consequence. The book raises the whole question of history's authenticity. The question of whether political correctness prevents us from even trying to hear these people out, straitjacketing our perception. It could be true y'know. Probably isn't but could be.

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JP said...

I've looked at the revisionist claims - and the refutations. An intersting exercise. Certainly no shortage of atrocity on theAllied side, of course - heard about the massacre of Germans in Berlin AFTER they surrendered? Still, none of this can obscure the inherent evil potential of the Nazi dogma.