Wednesday, May 11

Dreamt of phantom babies. This is the nightly routine, me staying awake at my pc waiting for M to come in through the window whenever she's done climbing, hunting. Stalking cockroaches more like.
Happy McDoodle kind of day. I'm glad it's surreal but it would be sweeter, less furry on the tongue, easier to bite if the colours you chose weren't acid. We don't do acid.
Took the personality test which told me I was neurotic, extroverted, slutty and prone to rage. Tell me something I didn't already know, bitch.
There's all sorts of junk that I have to move and sort, files on my pc, dealing with all kinds of tripe. If it weren't impossible I'd just burn it all. Instead I'll have to read it, suffer agonies realising that I wrote that, feel spastic and go to bed.
Bleeding Gums, your ideal sexual partner is a Type 5!

A type 5 match wants to experiment with different approaches and foreplay to help you reach a physical high. The sensations of sex are what this person most enjoys and focuses on- much more than the emotional bond you can forge during your most intimate moments.

But this person also shares a more personal side to them. They tend to keep their eagerness to find pleasure in sex behind closed doors and they don't flaunt their sexuality in public as much as you think.

Like you, sex is simply fun and expressive for this person. It doesn't carry alot of emotional weight. While a deeper connection could or could not happen for the both of you, it's simply not a focus when you're in the mood.

Alrighty then.

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Hopelandic, innit!