Monday, February 7

The Queen of Sheba

The little monster is becoming disturbingly like me. She bit me today. I was so shocked I instantly whacked her. But then later I realised my arm was coming at her in a way that may have seemed threatening. Maybe she just wanted to nip me just for the act. I don’t know but I was extremely mad then. Now she’s again sleeping in my lap, stretching like the Queen of Sheba. She has her pet trained well.
I’ve also been informed by a number of people that her father who’s the only cat who doesn’t attack her is not doing so because of any paternal feelings. To him she is an available albeit young female. No fucking way am I going to let that happen. She can fuck around all she wants (yes Listo I have made my peace with that) but no fucking way is incest happening. I don’t want retarded weak inbred kittens. Ugh. I’ll fucking buy a male cat if I have to. Ugh. There’s probably nothing that I can do. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

when she bites you, let her.
when she scratches you, let her.
she needs a mother a friend and a teacher.
be all you can be to her and know she loves you more than anything else in this world

Murphy said...

If I had a say in the matter I'd probably let her anyway : D

Anonymous said...

I reccy getting used to it. She will hunt you for sport, and there's nothing you can do about it. She'll bite you if you don't love her enough and she'll bite you when you love her too much. Sometimes she'll bite just because flesh is too appealing.