Tuesday, February 15

In argument similies are like songs in love; they describe much, but prove nothing - Franz Kafka
... they do not know that they seek only the chase and not the quarry - Blaise Pascal

I'm rereading two old favourites, Laughable Loves and The Farewell Waltz both by Kundera. Some books that though not by authors who I consistently like but like a lot nonetheless are :
A Sport of Nature- Nadine Gordimer
The Counterlife - Philip Roth
The Monkey's Wrench - Primo Levi
Ironweed - William Kennedy
The Comedians - Graham Greene
The Book and the Brotherhood - Iris Murdoch
Gravity's Rainbow - Thomas Pynchon
Fifth Business - Robertson Davies
White Noise - Don DeLillo


JP said...

Anuv - oddly, I've been hovering on the brink, as it were, for a while now re: DeLillo and Pynchon. Not sure what to expect, but somehow interested. Could you possibly tell me something that will make me run to the stores and get their books?

Murphy said...

DeLillo is family life, albeit a bit rocky in the television age. Their lives are threatened by an "airborne toxic event" which is a more urgent and menacing version of the "white noise" that typically engulfs them.
Tychon has this antihero, an American lieutenant in London whose body anticipates German rocket launchings.
Not going to make you run out and buy them while there's so much more Nabokov to get : )

Murphy said...

Nice picture btw. Very regular spectre of death.

reeferjournal said...

You like Fifth Business ? Fucking kvlt. \m/