Friday, February 18

Dear God

Dear God,
Today I went and saw Finding Neverland. It was beautiful. You have to make him win the Oscar this time (Sean Penn, what were you thinking?) or I'm switching sides.

More random lines that I like :
Where am I living life? Life is living me.
When I met you baby, you had no visible scars.

M was in a weird mood today. I think she's the only person who is comfortable, truly comfortable, around me even when I'm silent and murderous. I love my little evil quadraped. She hates being called that. Think I was a little murderous today.
I'm enjoying being calm. Though I'm getting tired of people lacking gumption. Just fucking say it. It's not like I don't effing already know. I like waking up tired. Particularly stretching, adjusting quilt, thinking my first thought and immediately feeling amused disbelief at my first thought (You can not know my invariable first thought), contemplating sleeping again, feeling bad for insomniacs, feeling warm and loving the way my skin feels at that time. After spending my token two nanoseconds like that I go back to sleep.
I feel stronger and more alone.
I don't know if that's better but it certainly is alot more dignified.
Johnny Depp must win.
He is all that is good and pure and fucking awesome.

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100hands said...

go, leo, go!