Sunday, January 23

To me her skin felt soft, like butter, under the pressure of my thumb. I could spend all our time together just repeating that one single exercise, feeling her skin respond to my pressure. We sat by the window after dusk, when it was far too dark for us to be able to make out each other’s features. We heard a bird and we saw them pass by, the colour of delphiniums and light itself.
We used to wonder how those things worked.


I have a favourite video. The Joker by Fatboy Slim. It is unbelievable.


reeferjournal said...

a joker
a smoker
a midnight toker
with all those kittens ? Man, it made me feel all warm and mushy inside.

Murphy said...

Absolutley. Ces chatons ont rendu me la sensation ridiculement brouillée et tout à fait chanceuse.

Anonymous said...

Gah. And you have the gumption to call me 'snob'. Hop away you wannabe frog *-) - Ravi

Anonymous said...

EEP. The snob bit was about the literary pfaff reference. Yapologies.

100hands said... pretty as the rose-tinted day.