Sunday, January 16

Excessive fun.
Hours spent with Carcass who today pierced the fleshy tip of my thumb with one smooth, graceful movement. Wondered for half a second if the blood will attract her like a shark. Thankfully it didn't.
Electricity in head.
A person was talking to me about God and all I could think of was the Twilight of the Gods, the world tree. Olympus and its scandals, Ariadne and Bacchus, the rape of Danae. Shiva and Parvati and Kali, and Pele the volcano goddess.
"You sprung fully formed from my forehead like Athena, you have no father."
The fine balance. Drew after what felt like years. Loved it even though it looked hideous like hell. Heard Radiohead while drawing for crying out loud. And now I want nothing more. Well things would be super if Princess moved to Delhi or if I could go for the TFA show. But things are pretty super this way too.
I am your fucking Everest damnit.

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reeferjournal said...

Bodies dismembered, corpses desecrated
Carcasses liquidized and minced with hatred