Friday, December 24

Let there be no flowers

Personal vendetta against people who buy other people flowers. Why would anyone spend good money on what looked really nice in a gamla and is now deader than a dead doorknob and is wrapped in cellophane?
The next person who gets me flowers is going to get whacked repeatedly on his head with his own bits of plastic and decaying flora. *growls*
People should spend money on:
Cigars : )
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Viennese coffee ice cream


reeferjournal said...

gamla ?

Murphy said...

Matka ?
Flowerpot ?

100hands said...

...and the tarkovsky's films on dvd. :)

Anonymous said...

Which begs the question how much money can possibly be spent on soundgarden? It's not even someone like Zappa who has a huge and pricey discography. But i hate flowers too - especially when people wear the dead things on their heads or around their necks -ravi

The Mistress said...

Books!! Man, what about the dead trees? Think of all the woodpeckers, the squirrels, the worms! :(