Friday, December 17

Great. Now I'm listening to Beck while minutes ago I was in deep thought about how the This Love video (Pantera doofus) makes no sense whatsoever.
Ugh. Exams starting in few weeks while I need atleast a month to catch up. Surprise reaction to something I read brought up something I haven't thought of in a very long time.


100hands said...

Listen to "Sea Change". :)

Anonymous said...

You expect videos to make sense? Anyway this made marginal sense - prostitues being beaten up and (i think) killing their patrons - old women dressed as young ones - all of which showed that This Love was FIST, SCAR and (BREAK as well!)

Murphy said...

Yeah ? I still thought the song was on a more personal level and the whole prostitute thing made no sense. I love the song for the sheer idea that you can get THAT angry with a person you love(d). What would have made a cool video is somebody (obviously not any of them) getting extremely violent over a particular person. Violence is good. Hookers not.
Handyman listen to Bittersweet Symphony.