Tuesday, November 9

Cat Love

Right now she was torturing an ant. I think she ate it too, but I’m not certain. I don’t think even the ant would mind really. She’s way too cute for anybody to say anything to her. Just because she’s this tiny ball of black, orange and white fur that’s beginning to teeth (there are two tiny teeth that have grown) she thinks she’s Lord & Master of all. And she’s very very light and very very stupid. And constantly has milk dribbling off her chin. Mewling is her favourite thing to do, and she’s getting very good at it.
I’ve honestly never seen a more demanding person.

The cautious lizard. And the continuous lolling of the water. Wetting one’s feet isn’t always necessarily pleasant. So the lizard tries very hard not to blink because when you blink you miss it and then there’s a degree of lag. And we all can’t help but notice that it is different, the sweater effect applies. Slowly one thing changes and along with it changes another. Not necessarily pleasant.

I’m not giving anyone what they’re expecting. Because right now I don’t feel it like I normally do where it’s just ominously everywhere. I am left with what was mine and am unsure of this newly proffered item. Not newly. Suddenly and somehow to be honest unexpectedly.
Must study micro.

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